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Monash Greens Construction Update – January 2015

Happy New Year from the team at Monash Greens! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and have had a great start to 2015. The site team ended the year with many completed homes, and have continued to push forward to finish more off this month.

Units 1-18: COMPLETED

Units 19 to 24 have been plastered, and stairs and kitchens are scheduled to be installed in the coming weeks. Painting will commence shortly.

Units 25 to 30 have also been plastered. Stairs have been installed as well, with kitchen installation starting shortly. Painting is scheduled in a few weeks’ time.

Units 31 to 36 are nearing completion. Appliance delivery and paint touch ups are scheduled in the coming weeks, as is front and rear landscaping.

Units 37 to 40 are undergoing plastering, with stairs and kitchen installation scheduled to begin shortly.

Unit 41 has been plastered, and stairs have been installed as well. Kitchens are scheduled to be installed later this month.

Units 42 – 52 – COMPLETED

Units 53-55: COMPLETED

*Whilst we understand the excitement and anticipation of seeing one’s home come to life, we want to remind all owners that this site is a live construction site, and works are still being undertaken on site. For your own safety, please stay off of the premises at all times.

Thank you again for purchasing at Monash Greens – PERFECT PARKSIDE LIVING