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Monash Greens Construction Update

Monash Greens is continuing to make great progress. Residents are beginning to move in, and more homes are nearing completion. With the garden reserve and many of the common areas landscaped, perfect parkside living is really coming to life!

Residents form units 1 to 18 are doing final inspections and will be moving in shortly.

Units 19 to 30 are currently being rendered. Scaffolding will be taken down in the coming weeks, with plastering to follow soon after.

Units 31 to 36 are also making great progress, with painting, tiling, and landscaping all scheduled in the next few weeks.

At units 37 to 40, roofs are being installed and bricks will be laid in the coming weeks.

Unit 41 is being plastered, and the stairs and kitchen will be delivered later this month.

Units 42 to 44 are undergoing tiling and electrical/plumbing fit offs, with flooring installation commencing in the next month.

Units 45 to 52 are having flooring installed in the next couple of weeks, with paint touch ups following shortly. The rear fencing and landscaping is also scheduled this month.

Units 53 to 65 are undergoing final inspections by residents.