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Harbourside Construction Update – November 2016

Stage 1 & 2

Lots 2002-2050 – Completed and handed over.

Stage 3

Lots 2051-2075 – Construction is nearing completion with final touch ups, floor coverings and checks being completed by Edgepoint Homes now. We are anticipating going into titles office in mid November for Stage Three.

Stage 4

Lots 2107-2131 –  We are currently waiting for authority approval before commencing construction of the properties. Civil works have been completed and Edgepoint Homes team anticipate commencing the construction prior to Christmas 2016.

Stage 5

Lots 2076 – 2106 – Construction is well underway with Lots 2076 – 2085 having commenced the external lock up and the remaining lots (2086-2106) having the final touches to their framing being completed.

We hope everyone has a lovely week and we look forward to updating you on construction at Harbourside every couple of months.