Harbourside Construction Update – July 2015

What fantastic progress we’ve seen at Martha Cove’s Harbourside and Harbourside Terraces! More homes are scheduled for handover at Harbourside in the coming months and slabs are currently being poured for Stage 1, Precinct 2 of Harbourside Terraces.


Final houses are being constructed in Precinct 1, Stage 3 with numerous lots being handed over during July, August and September.

Harbourside Terraces

Despite harrowing weather conditions, sewer, drainage and electrical have been completed on Stages 1 & 2. Water has also been completed for both of these stages and most sleeper walls have been installed with an exception for the footpath at the west of the site while we wait for construction plans. A perishable layer of rock has been laid over asphalt areas in Stage 1 allowing for access and commencement of building.

Stay tuned for the exciting plans and detailed work on Stages 4 & 5!

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