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Central Ave Construction Update – September 2016

Stage 1

Lots 8-11 are coming along well, with plaster now hung. Lots 76, 77 and 79 are also progressing and just a week or two behind. Lot 78 works are due to commence on site in the coming weeks. Most civil works in stage one have been completed. The guard rail, bollards and street signs have been installed and the last course of asphalt is due to be applied.

Stage 2

Stage two has been settled with maintenance works nearing completion.

Stage 3

Stage three construction is in its final phase. Lots 51-62 and 70-71 are ready for purchasers to start moving in as soon as the titles have been released. Lots 48 – 50 are almost at occupancy level with carpets being installed and final house cleans in progress. Lots 63-69 are a little further behind but are progressing nicely. Scaffolding has been removed and external clean ups are underway which will allow for landscaping to commence in the coming weeks. Stage three is now awaiting titles to be issued from the titles office. Settlement will occur 14 days later, which is expected to be in mid September.

We hope everyone has a lovely week and we look forward to updating you on construction at Central Ave  every couple of months in 2016.