Three Pillars is a Melbourne based Development company that has delivered many quality developments to the market. With over 50 years of combined experience in the fields of construction, planning, property finance, residential sales and project marketing, Three Pillars has all aspects of the development process covered. We pride ourselves on delivering projects on time, and ensuring they leave a positive legacy in the areas in which they develop.

Our three pillars of development

Land – Design – Construction



land_webThe acquisition of land is carefully considered with lifestyle location and proximity to services a critical influence.

Every day our team is actively working on the extensive due diligence required to assess a development site – for every site we acquire there have been many that have not met our stringent criteria.

Land selection ensures the foundation of a quality product.



design_webGreat design is mandatory for all our developments, from affordable housing to luxurious homes.

Exterior styling, environmental sensitivity, liveable floor plan and integrated lifestyle facilities are all created in consultation with architects, urban planners, council and selling agents.

We design developments we are proud of.



construction_webConstruction is the critical delivery of our vision, years of planning and hard work.

We engage EdgePoint Homes for all our residential developments. Our commercial relationship has spanned seven years.

Working closely with EdgePoint Homes allows us to tailor each development; furnishing homes with all the standard inclusions that purchasers need, plus upgrade options for extra luxury. Quality construction is the key to  building a solid reputation.





Tom Hoogenbosch

Tom is ‘born and bred’ in property. He has been an active contributor in all sectors of the building industry since 1977.

Having been involved in countless building projects, Tom is a firm believer that outstanding levels of quality can be achieved in this industry. Tom believes with continual setting and achieving of goals, Three Pillars will always retain its reputation as a leader in the industry.




Ben Thomas

Ben is a proud third generation real estate and building professional. All aspects of property are truly in his blood.

Having managed the development of over a thousand homes and residential projects, Ben derives great satisfaction in walking through a completed project – one which they have taken from a vacant parcel of land, through concept designs and finally to completion.

We are dedicated to our process and ensuring every property we acquire will translate into residential property that perfectly matches the needs of the market.Contact Us